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happy day!! so out of salll mplaces we wnes to for scinos de ayo, we wndt and diddi fast food!!1 :D|DS: it's like jtaco bell. sbut possnily beettter. then wne th tohe abrs weere we oinvited the cutish boys. and i told my siss. at thte dn ddedn of the mimfhtthats iwas n't in lvode sith the whond i'd ben in tlvoe with foreve.!!! i lied. he's stil lhad oand i'm still in lves. :|||||


this morning. inches and inches of ice. \:D/ have i mentioned my loathing of all things midwest??

and this evening. snow. and snow. and more snow. :(((

new christmas pillow making neck hurt. *WHINES* but ooh, if only to be sore the way justin is in mood pic! :X:X:X ahem, if i was a gay male. :|
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i had tuna melts before drinkking last night. *CRIS* SO NOT PRETTY>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

qill go to bed and ignore evetyhging right now.


i don't think i've been to bed yet. i think i might have passed out? there is vomit ALL over the bathroom. vomit all over my once pretty green and pink chucsk. the sun is killing me. why so hard life? :(( must go attept a vomit clean up.


it's 85 degrees out. in april. *DIES* i am in jeans and a tee when i should clearly just be naked!!! whee!!

also. jamie is funny, no matter what they say. words can't bring us down.

and random, but if i could vid (if i could make icons, i would be happy!!) i would vid brian luv to the pixies, "here comes your man." i have it all thought out.

watching come undone! gah, but i think i need help with it tiff!!! will email you when i am finished! :)

edited to add Happy Birthday Liz mythicalkiss!!
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jamieshoppinggoddess is up to her shenanigans again. PS. I AM NOT A DICTATOR.

Muffintasticness: i will try and write my next gale/hal fic in the same manner as a bad b/j fic writer. it is my gift.
Yttak: oh no. please just post it to your journal, and don't make me read it.
Muffintasticness: "gale," hal moaned. "you're sacs are so hard." "i no, its is just for you," gale replied. hal began to stork gale's hard cock and his moans grew louder. "im going too come hal," he shriekend. "HALLL!!!!!!" he screamed, like a fangirl meeting hal for the first time.
Yttak: **DYING**
Yttak: oh my god. hee. you have a gift.
Muffintasticness: i would so post. if i wasn't feeling dirty and ashamed.
Yttak: post anyway! there is always room for shame at LJ!
Muffintasticness: heh, it'll be fun. *goes*

really, you should be ashamed.
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scraping it against his skin...

3. count them, 3 crazy dreams.

the one i remember the most. i was sitting in a booth at a restaurant with my parents, which is crazy itself since i haven't seen my dad since the age of 2. anywho, i get up and so does my friend and this crazy guy sitting across and up from us grabs me and holds a knife to me. lots of yelling and then nathan fillion* (squee!) walks in and walks slowly in my view and we have instant connection! our eyes meet, but neither one of us say a word. the killer, who i think was in love with me, starts stabbing me like over 20 times and no one can do anything about it. right before i die i look over at nathan, make eye contact, and mouth 'i love you.'

the first thing i thought was, 'this sounds like such a horrible fanfic!!!'

* i have been catching reruns of 2 guys and a girl and have been trying to watch the ones with nathan. pair this with my non-stop watching of my firefly dvd's and there you have my nathan inspiration.
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